Rules of Use

Rules of Use for the Reservation Service for the "Smile Conference".

1 About these rules.

  • 1-1 These Rules shall apply to all the acts engaged in by a user in the use of SMILE CONFERENCE. (in accordance with the definition in the following Article; the "Services") through the Internet website "" reservation center operated and managed by SMILE TOURS Co.,Ltd. (the "Company"). A user shall use the Services after agreeing to these Rules.
  • 1-2 If there are various warnings informed by the Company through the Services ("Warnings"), the Warnings shall constitute part of these Rules.
  • 1-3 The Company deems that a user has agreed to follow these Rules through the use of the Services.

2 About agreements.

  • 2-1 Services means the services enabling a user to reserve by himself/herself through the Internet or the reservation center, guest rooms or facilities, events, conferences, etc. ("Facilities") which have been previously registered as posted facilities.
  • 2-2 The Company shall have no involvement in the provision of the Facility Services.
  • 2-3 When a user applies for a reservation relating to the use of the Facility Services by himself/herself through the Internet, an agreement regarding the use of the relevant Facility Services("Usage Agreement") between the Posted Facility and the user shall take effect at the time.
  • 2-4 When a Usage Agreement takes effect between the Posted Facility and a user in accordance with this Article, the user shall be deemed to have agreed to assume all obligations including bearing the cancel charges separately determined by the relevant Posted Facility.

3 About usage charge.

  • 3-1 The user acknowledges that information relating to the status of the Facility Services ("Usage Charge"), etc., provided by the Posted Facility may be different from the information provided on other media. The Usage Charge presented by the Posted Facility shall include taxes.
  • 3-2 A user understands that the Usage Charge presented by the Posted Facility is subject to change. The Usage Charge after change shall only apply to a user who enters into a Usage Agreement after such change, and the Usage Charge before such change shall apply to a user who has entered into a Usage Agreement before such change.
  • 3-3 If the Usage Charge changes after the taking effect of a Usage Agreement and a user changes the reservation details thereafter, the Usage Charge after such change shall apply to such a user; provided that, if the changed details are limited of the number of registration and/or the number of rooms, the Usage Charge before such change shall apply to such a user.

4 About change or cancellation.

  • 4-1 In changing a reservation for the Facilities, or canceling, a user shall notifies the Company via e-mail, etc.
  • 4-2 "If a user changes a reservation, or cancels, a cancellation shall take effect at the time set forth in the following:
    ・At the time when an operator of the Company notifies a user of the completion of the reservation cancellation."
  • 4-3 If it turns out that the relevant services cannot be used on the scheduled date of use of the Facility Services, a user shall promptly notify the Company, and follow the instruction of the Company. If a user is responsible for paying the cancellation charges to the Company, such a user shall pay the cancellation charge designated by the relevant Posted Facility in the designated manner and by the designated date.
  • 4-4 If a user fails to appear on the scheduled date of use of the Facility Services without any prior notice, and fails to use the relevant Posted Facility, the Company and the Posted Facility shall deem a user cancels a reservation at the scheduled date.
  • 4-5 Even if a user does not desire cancellation of a reservation, if the Company judges the reservation details of the Facility Services by a user conflict with laws or ordinances, or reasonably judges them inappropriate, the relevant Posted Facility shall have a right to cancel the relevant reservation.

5 Matters to be Complied With by Users

  • 5-1 "In using the Services, a user shall not:
    • -1 Transmit any information, pretending to be a third party;
    • -2 Commit any act of disturbance against any Posted Facility, the Company or any third party;
    • -3 Commit any other act which is in breach of, or likely to be in breach of any applicable law or regulation."
  • 5-2 If any damage is incurred by the Company or any third party as a result of an act of a user which is categorized as any one of the acts listed in the preceding paragraph, the user shall assume full legal liability and shall hold the Company or such party harmless for such damage.
  • 5-3 If the Company cancels any reservation for the Facility Services in accordance with Article 5-1, the relevant user shall pay a cancellation charge regarding the Posted Facility.
  • 5-4 If a user is a minor, the user shall make any reservation subject to the consent of the user's legal guardian. If a user misrepresents that such user has the consent of his/her legal guardian or that such user is an adult, such act of making reservation may not be rescinded.

6 Temporary Discontinuance of the Services

  • 6-1 Where any of the following applies, the Company may temporarily discontinue the operation of the Services without any prior notice to the users:
    • -1 The Services is being maintained or changes are made to the specifications;
    • -2 An act of God or any other state of emergency has occurred or is likely to occur, which makes the operation of the Services impossible; or
    • -3 The Company determines that the temporary discontinuance of the Services is necessary for an unavoidable reason.

7 Indemnification of the Company

  • 7-1 The Company makes no warranty regarding the Facility Services, etc.
  • 7-2 In the event of damages due to any loss, delay or erroneous transmission of information as a result of a natural disaster, congestion of lines, suspension of equipment owing to equipment failure or equipment maintenance, or the termination of the Posted Facility's participation, or due to any alteration or divulgence of information by a third party, or similar, the Company shall not be liable except where such damages are due to a cause attributable to the Company.
  • 7-3 In addition to each of the preceding paragraphs, the Company shall not be liable for any dispute arising between a user and a Posted Facility regarding the Services, except where such dispute is due to a cause attributable to the Company.
  • 7-4 If the Company is held liable in accordance with the provisions of any of the preceding paragraphs, the Company's liability shall be limited to direct and general damages, except where the Company has acted intentionally or with gross negligence.

8 Modifications to the Rules

  • 8-1 The Company may modify (including making additions or deletions; the same shall apply hereinafter) these Rules and the Warnings without any prior notice to the users. The users must make sure to check these Rules and the Warnings each time they use the Services.
  • 8-2 If a user uses the Services after any modification is made to these Rules and the Warnings, the Company shall be considered to have agreed to the modified Rules and the modified Warnings.